Land Based

Water’s not for you?
If you’re not into water-based activities, don’t fret, the whole area is worth exploring




Cycling takes you to your childhood, to the days when worries were scarce and simple pleasures were a big part of life. Maybe it’s time to relive that.

Bicycle rental: RM 10 – 15/pax per 1 hour


Tram Rides

Too tired or not a fan of walking, but want to explore anyway? Take a tram ride. The whole family could hop in for a relaxing trip around PLRC.

Tram Rides:
RM 3/pax (Adult MY) per 1 trip
RM 2/pax (Child MY) per 1 trip
RM 5/pax (Adult Standard) per 1 trip
RM 3/pax (Child Standard) per 1 trip



All it takes is a basket full of goodies, a mat, and you’re good to go! Revel in the serenity while enjoying your favourite snack or sipping your favourite drink.

Picnic: RM 50 per trip for 30 minutes



Always a great choice for get-togethers, a good BBQ cookout warms the heart and keeps company happy.

BBQ: RM 250 per 3 hours



A great way to train the young ones, camping at PLRC is great fun minus the real dangers of the great outdoors.

Camping: RM 140 per pax for 2 days 1 night