Water Based

If water gets you excited, there’s a whole lot of activities for you to choose from



Canoes & Kayak

If paddling activity is your thing, come over and get on the water in the craft of your choice. It can be purely recreational or to improve your skills, either way, it’s a great way to enjoy your day out.

Canoe: RM 15 per 1 hour
Kayak Single: RM 10 per 1 hour
Kayak Double: RM 15 per 1 hour


Paddle Boat

No activities in mind? Just get on a paddle boat and drift across the lake. Enjoy the tranquillity and green surroundings.

3-seater (2 adults 1 child): RM 15 per 1 hour
5-seater (2 adults 3 children): RM 10 per 1 hour



Walk on water…or crawl, tumble, whatever! Get in a water ball and make your way across the lake. Race across it, stroll on it, do as you please. You’re in a bubble, the outside world can wait.

Water ball: RM 15 per 10 minutes



For anglers, from beginners to the most avid ones, the prospect of reeling in freshwater fish that are usually found in pristine sanctuaries would definitely stir that urge to cast the line.

9 AM to 7 PM: RM 20 per 1 rod